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                                          You Might Be A Reenactor If...

Some of these you may have heard of before, and some of these I made up myself.  More will be added as I think of them or hear them.

You Might Be A Reenactor If...

-You've ever driven by a field and said "Wow!  What a great place for a battle!"

-Your $400 canvas tent takes up more room in your garage than your $20,000 car

-You or your kids have ever corrected their history teacher during class

-You've ever been accused of being Amish when you wore your uniform out in public

-You've told people at a Halloween party "This is NOT a costume!  It's a UNIFORM!" when they complimented you on your costume

-You claim Confederate Memorial Day as a holiday

-You list Stonewall Jackson as a reference on a job application

-People tell you the Civil War is over and you say, "It is?!?"

-You're asked why you are fighting for the South and you say you're doing it to "get it right this time."

-On a job application you write "Confederate Army" under former military service

-You think "damnyankees" is one word

-The mantle above your fireplace holds your rifle instead of family pictures

-You can quote all the dialogue from Gettysburg, Gods and Generals, and Glory verbatim  

-As you watch movies, you look for ways to improve how you "die" to make it more and more spectacular each time at a reenactment

-You cannot watch a Civil War movie or TV show without pointing out all the unauthentic inaccuracies or anachronisms

-You set up your "A" tent when you go camping because you think it's easier than setting up your dome tent

-You start counting the days between an event and your daughter's due date and hope her child is born on time

-Your friends run when they see you coming because they know you are going to tell them what happened "on this date in Civil War history"

-You don't go to the beach or Vegas but to a reenactment for a vacation and don't think it is unusual to do so

-You would rather buy your clothing from the Regimental Quartermaster or Blockade Runner instead of from JC Penny's or Old Navy

-You imagine what damage a Minie ball will do to a certain object

-Your forget family's and friend's birthdays and anniversaries, but you remember every weekend there is a reenactment.

-When you start naming your truck or trailer after Civil War generals or their horses

-You irritate a park ranger at a battlefield because you know more about the battle than they do

-Your friends know you well enough not to question why you have Civil War songs on your Ipod

-You look at your dog or cat and wonder if they are period correct

-Your classmates name you as a resource when they write a Civil War essay

-Your idea of light reading is Hardee's Tactics 

-You plan your career accordingly so you can attend all the reenactments 

-You have to choose between a friend's wedding or a reenactment, and you don't understand why the event isn't the right choice

-You refer to the 19th Century in the present tense

-You say "we" and "they" when discussing the political issues of the Civil War

-You plan the purchase of a new vehicle around the length of your tent poles

-You read all of your Civil War books and watch all of your Civil War movies in an all-night cram session the day before an event so you can "get in the mood"