Homepage of Company H, 4th Texas Infantry

Volunteers Wanted for the 4th Texas Infantry

Want to join?

If you are interested in becoming a member of our unit, please contact Captain Matt Bishop at asgard58.comcast.net.

                                 So You Want To Be A Reenactor... 


This is the cover sheet for the recruitment package you received.  You must have expressed a strong desire to join in the fun.  But first some paperwork.
Step One: Fill out the Northwest Civil War Council membership application. (All forms are available from the NCWC website at
http://www.nwcwc.org/  If you need more than one copy of the membership form that is included in this package, feel free to copy it.)  If you are under the age of eighteen this form must be signed by your parents and you must fill out two copies of the Medical Consent by Parent or Guardian forms. (This form is also included in this package.  Feel free to copy it if you need to.)  Dues are $20 per year for a single person and $40 per year for a family.  Make out a check payable to NCWC.  Then send the check and application to the Company Commander (address below), along with a stamped envelope address to the NCWC membership coordinator (address below).  The Company Commander signs it then sends it to the membership coordinator.

Step Two: Read the safety rules cover to cover.  In our group, safety is paramount.  We use real weapons and real gunpowder, and the only way we can afford the insurance for this hobby is to have a serious ongoing safety program.  That is where the safety test comes in.  Please fill it in.  It is an open-book test, but you have to score 100% or you can’t go on the battlefield. (We are all retested every two years.)  The test is corrected by one of our company NCOs or officers and then kept on file by our First Sergeant.
Then read the NCWC Code of Conduct booklet.  (There is no test on this.)

Now with the paperwork out of the way you can look at the 4th Texas Uniform & Equipment Guide.  While our company can kit you up from the supply of loaner gear, the company maintains that when you start, you are encouraged to get yourself in uniform as soon as you can.  For under a thousand dollars you can get everything you need to camp and fight with comfort.

Next, read any of the other material:

-Company Bi-Laws: This is how our company is structured.
-Duties Within the Company: This is how the structure plays out in camp and on the   battlefield.
-4th Texas History: This is about where the men who made up Company H of the 4th  Texas came from and how they fared during the war.
Be aware that company dues for the year is $5.00.  This covers the cost of the company newsletter which you should start receiving soon after you submit your membership application and safety test.

Please also join our 4th Texas, Company H website at http://co4thtexas.webs.com/ It’s a wonderful source of information on our unit and the current goings-on in our company, plus a member forum.

Thank you.

Company Commander:  Matt Bishop, 6410 NE 41st Ave, Portland, OR 97211

NCWC membership Coordinator:  Anne Tamerius, 11918 SE Division St. #218, Portland, OR 97266