Homepage of Company H, 4th Texas Infantry

The History of the Reactivated 4th Texas

Our reenactment unit was formed in the Summer of 1990, when the NCWC was an infant club barely a year old.  When this company was initially formed, it was known as Company B of the 1st Maryland Infantry Battalion.  This brand-new company and another new unit, the 1st Texas Infantry, were the first Confederate infantry units formed in the NCWC.  Our very first public event as a unit was at the very first Ft. Stevens reenactment in 1990.  At that time the battlefield was located at Battery Smur, where the reenactor parking is now located.  Our company fielded ten soldiers at that event.  Among these first ten were current members and founders Darin Richardson and Larry Humphreys.  Our company's chief founder, Ron Smith, changed our company's identity to Company H of the 14th Tennessee after he and several other members fell in with the NCWA's 14th Tennessee at a reenactment at Knight's Ferry, California, in November of 1990.  We were known as the 14th Tennessee until March of 1991, where the 1st Texas was disbanded and their members incorporated into our company.  It was at that time that our founder changed our unit identity for the second and final time to the 4th Texas, which we are known by today.

In the Summer of 2010, our company will have been around for twenty years. This makes us one of the oldest member units of the NCWC.