Homepage of Company H, 4th Texas Infantry

Welcome to the website of the 4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Company H, the "Porter Guards"

The reactivated 4th Texas, Company H, is a family-oriented Civil War reenactment unit belonging to the Northwest Civil War Council, an organization based in Oregon that holds living history demonstrations and battle reenactments throughout the Pacific Northwest.

         The 4th Texas Infantry, Company H, Willamette Mission, July 2012


                                          A Word From The Webmaster

Howdy Fellow Texans and Guests,

This site is continually being maintained and updated. If anyone would like to contribute anything to the site, please contact me Captain Bishop at asgard58@comcast.net.  In the meantime, please keep checking our  What's New At This Site and the Company News & Notices pages for any new developments at this site and in the company. Thank you all, and remember: Texans always move 'em!

                                         Matt Bishop, Webmaster (Interim)


                             4th Texas in the Drill Competition, Ft. Stevens, 2011

Our company won the drill competition at Ft. Stevens last year in 2011.  Texan Taylor Hoelscher made a video of our drill.  Drill team: Commanding: Chris Gattman.  Front rank, left to right: Matt Bishop, Nate Woods, Michael Schroeder, Darin Richardson, Ryan McGee.  Rear rank, left to right: John Kirkpatrick, Chris Burns, Joe Burns, Nick Woods, Bill Edwards.







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